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Posted by Sue M on January 19, 19100 at 00:24:23:

In Reply to: how do we go on posted by joanne on January 18, 19100 at 21:42:38:

I too feel when my husband died in September that
a big part of me died with him.True it is very
hard to go on.But I have come to believe as long
as I live a part of him still lives just like
when he died part of me died.Maybe when we become
one in flesh and one goes on we are so much a
part of each other that we still are a part of
each other.That is why you feel like part of you
died,but part of him is still with you as long as
you live to keep part of him alive.And make him
proud of you,he knows how you feel and is with
you still.But going before your time will probably
not be the result you want!You want to be rejoined
with him,just be patient.He will be waiting when
it is your turn.This is what I am holding onto
and believe,it is what keeps me going and cherish
every moment we had together and keeping (us)
alive.When you are lonely talk to him like you
would if he were there,he hears you.Pray for him
it helps him also.Talking helps you get your
feelings out and takes away some of the lonliness.
It brings you closer together and love from this
side helps them to shine brighter through love.
Isn't that what Jesus taught us?Love is the key,
love is forever.Just because you are apart does
mean that love still cannot grow.Maybe even more
so now.Espcially where he is now.All things
become clear and more of a pure love.Think how he
would feel,his love for you and knowing you took
away your life and his too with you and can't do
anything to stop you,but watch in horrow.Knowing
that you will not be reunited for this act.
Sorry if I went on and on,it was for myself
as much as for you too.These same thoughts have
gone through my mind too.I guess we all have them
that have loved dearly.he would want you to find
strength in your love to carry on.I say this from
my heart and the love I feel for my Husband.He
was precious to me,now our memories are precious
and he lives again in my memories.God bless you
and peace to your heart.We all need to pray for
peace and hope to be together again in Paradise.

Your Sister in pain

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