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Posted by Sidney Garaudy on September 02, 2002 at 13:20:28:

In Reply to: Re: I am so lost posted by melissa on August 28, 2002 at 14:45:29:

Boy, where do I begin. My wife of 28 years was diagnosed with lupus during our first year of marriage. She has had seizures, arthritis, high blood pressure and kidney failure. I donated my left kidney to her in '96. In late 2001 it started failing and in Oct. of last year it failed and she went back on dialysis. We have been through it all but now for the last year I have had much difficulty sleeping. I get from two to four hours of sleep a night and can't even sleep in our bed. I guess I think it must be my fault somehow that the kidney stopped functioning and I can't help her out anymore. The tragedy of 9-11-01 makes me feel even more remorse. I know my problems don't even come close to many of you but if this helps me it might help you to read about other peoples' problems. I'm a cop and we see bad things every day. Then we come home and hear more bad news. Then we turn on the TV and see bad things happening to other people. And then my friends and neighbors call up and tell us the bad things that happen to them. But throughout this whole thing called LIFE, there is always a glimmer of hope, like light shining through a crevice and lighting up an underground cavern. Sometimes we hear good stories, sometimes everybody gets out of a burning building, sometimes the jewelry wasn't stolen but misplaced, sometimes the child was at the neighbors' house and not missing. We must always look for the good that comes out of the tragedy. There will always be problems and bad outcomes, but we must try to turn these around and see them for what they are. You know, whether or not you believe in God, there is a higher authority, someone that watches over us. And I've always been told that He never gives out more than you can handle. So just remember, when your feet are hurting, think of the person that doesn't have any feet; when your eyes are burning, think of the person that doesn't have vision; when you think you are all alone, think of the person who does not believe there is a GOD. There is always hope, something to wish for. This time seems very long, but it will soon pass and you will be looking back on it and thinking that it was just a bump in the road of life. Just think how long your childhood seemed to you, like you were never going to grow up and become an adult. Now, when you look back at that era, it seems so very long ago and the events were so insignificant; you wonder why you ever worried about any of it in the first place. This internet is something else huh? Imagine being able to converse with so many people at the same time about a subject that so many of us share. Ain't life wonderfull? And filled with wonder!

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