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Posted by vee on June 14, 2002 at 11:18:03:

In Reply to: Re: Re: widow at 28 posted by Brandy Croteau on June 12, 2002 at 22:50:41:

How do I cope? good question. Taking it day by day, moment by moment. I pray alot.

My son was 6 months old when his daddy past. I am all that he knows right now. He doesn't question me yet. I don't know if that is easier or not because my son doesn't have any memories of him.

I think it's wonderful that Steve's job is doing all of those things for you and your family. I know what you mean that you want people to talk about your husband. But alot of people don't feel comfortable doing that.

Society doesn't know how to handle death. It's apart of life and we don't know how to react or to help other people. People have said some dumb and hurtful things to me. So be prepared.

Yes, you do need help. I am like you, I don't like to ask for it but we need it in our situation. Try to find a support group. It helps to talk out your feelings and you will see that what you are feeling and thinking are normal and you are not going crazy.

I don't know if you are spiritual. It helps when you can lend on the Lord. I don't know why these things happen to us. It's going to be 10 months for me and I still don't believe it. I am putting my life in God's hands now. Only He can get deep down in your soul where it hurts the most.

Today, is my husband's birthday. He would of been 38 years old. I can't believe he is not here. He was so full of life.

It's going to be a long and difficult journey. I don't think you will ever get over it like people say. You just have to figure out how to live with it. I am still trying to do that. It's so hard for me to enjoy myself and I am trying to treasure life and we know life is so short.

If you want to me
I know exactly how you feel. We can help each other out. My prayers are with you and your family.

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