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Posted by jeremy spence on October 02, 2000 at 14:56:46:

In Reply to: Re: Why me? posted by Janice on May 08, 2000 at 22:04:48:

Hi I'm looking for a way to die, I am 23 in unbarable pain and have doctors have no cure for my illness. It been 3 years living with this thing and I have to tell I say the same thing every day. Why me??? I just can't beilve it!
I would never thought I go throught something like this! it's fucking horrible everyday, I have tried thing but its just no use! there no end in site, wish all all had to do was get throgh mental pain, God I do anything to get better.
There's just no use in living this life, not mine
its just my painfull everyday, I live with my MOM and step Dad, I have no live, I stay in bed 24-7 with no let up of pain. Pain med did help, but not for long, I built up a toronce to pain meds, no all they have for me that would work is
injectble horion type med, which one you get on your life is over, bascicly no doctor could even give me a live whorth living. I did have I girl-friend I thought was my sole-mate, but she left me becouse things were so bad for me, then I better a 3 months and which did not last, and I met another young lady, but in the prosseccess of leaving me. I don't what going to do when she does, me met in school(collage) but she going to be finshed and is not from (lives about 5 hours away and has no plans of staying, and never really did. She been too much, she been great, she been my best freind. but sex sucks and she very young I am like marring a terimmal ill person.
I mean would you, I guess we are more freinds then anything, I plan on being her freinds Untill I die, I did 1 years was ok, I mean the sex was great, but I was much, much, better, now I don't think I will get that way agan. I would like to hear from you, its sound like you guys have been through lot, Hey aleast your not me!!!!!

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