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Posted by David on December 18, 2001 at 16:09:43:

I saw my grandson. He peered from behind a foot and looked right at me. Though his world is nightfall now, his ears see... sense the people who look his way. His daddy's voice brings an excitement felt in kicks and bumps. He leaves footprints in black and blue. I know he saw me. His head turned my direction. I am sure he thought, "Who is this big goofy looking man... and why do I have more hair than he?" I'll tell him that my scalp just loves the sunshine too much... every forest needs a meadow!

I struggle for a name to be called. I imagine the gymnastics his tongue will do, trying to form the syllables. I must keep it short... in keeping with my stature. I will try to stand tall... to protect and guide. I am the old tree... he is a small twig of a being. Around him lies a vast world to explore... we must first shelter him... help him learn, so that he will know when to walk boldly from our shadow... I must know when to move aside to allow the sun to shine down... give him room to grow.

I love him, this soon to be born family member. He is welcome.

By the way... when he learns to talk, I'll ask him a question. I will ask him if he remembers the angel that held him while we waited for his debut. I'll tell him that she was a very special angel... a grandma angel. He recognized his mom 'cause she looks like this winged vessel of love and light. He recognizes family 'cause he knew them before he met us.

So I'll ask him... and I'll tell him of that angel's days on this earth. He know her job was in the nursery looking after him. That's why she had to go... she heard him calling for her.

Maybe that is why he looks my way... through his mommy's tummy. He's looking to give me a message. He remembers the love in the voice of the nursery. We all sound a little like that voice. He will find the same note in his own voice. Til then, he knows he's safe... among family

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