Additonal Resources


Books For Adults

Antoniak, Scott & Worcester; Alone Bozarth and Campbell; Life is Goodbye, Life is Hello
Brothers, Joyce; Widowhood Caine, Lynn; Widow
Caine, Lynn; Lifelines
Chersy, Frank & James, John; The Grief Recovery Handbook
Colgrove, Melba; How to Survive the Loss of Love
Elmer, Lon; Why Her Why Now
Frankl, Victor; Man's Search for Meaning
Grollman, Earl; Concerning Death; A practical Guide for the Living
Grollman, Earl; Living When A Loved One Has Died
Grollman, Earl; What Helped Me When My Loved One Died
Kohn, Willard and Jane; The Widower
Kreise, Bernadine; Up From Grief Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth; Working it Through
Kushner,Rabbi; When Bad Things Happen to Good People
Levine, Stephen; Who Dies: Conscious Living, Conscious Dying
Lewis, C.S.; A Grief Observed
Loewinsohn, Ruth; Survival Handbook for Widows
Manning, Doug; Don't Take My Grief Away From Me
Miller, William; When Going to Pieces Holds You Together
Neeld, Elizabeth; Seven Choices Nudel, Adele Rice; Starting Over: Help for Young Widows and Widowers
O'Conner, Nancy; Letting Go With Love
Rando, Therese; How to Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies
Stearns, Ann; Living Through a Personal Crisis
Tatelbaum, Judith; The Courage to Grieve Necessary Losses
Westburg, Granger; Good Grief

Books For Adults After A Suicide

Grollman, Earl; Suicide
Hewett, John; After Suicide
Lukas, Christopher; Silent Grief
Rosenfeld and Prupas; Left Alive

Magazines For the Bereaved

Bereavement: A Magazine of Hope and Healing 350 Gradle Dr., Carmel, IN. 46032. Published nine times a year
Golden American, a monthly newspaper full of resources, discounts, information and activities for people 55 or older. 2142 8th Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98109
Thanatos: A Realistic Journal Concerning Dying, Death and Bereavement
P.O Box 6009, Tallahassee Fl. 32314. Quarterly

Books for Children

Buscaglia, Leo; The Fall of Freddy the Leaf
Donnelly, Katherine; Recovering from the Loss of a Sibling
Grollman, Earl; Talking About Death
Klaus, Gordon; They Need to Know - How to Teach Children About Death
Krementz, Jim; How It Feels When a Parent Dies
Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth; On Children and Death
LeShan, Edna; Learning to Say Goodbye: When a Parent Dies
Sanford, Doris; It Must Hurt a Lot
Smith Doris; A Taste of Blackberries
Voirst, Judith; The Tenth Good Thing About Barney
White, E.B.; Charlotte's Web

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